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Hartford Building

Tulsa Area United Way
Photo by Claire Farr


Hartford Building

Blue Dome Anchor Group

Clarion Penwell (2nd Fl North)

Root Coworking (1st Floor North & 2nd Floor South)

Merrick (1st Floor South)


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

Since 2017, ES2 has completed many projects at The Hartford Building. We are proud to have been selected as a trusted partner to support its building owners for the initial renovation and continuous support in meeting the specific needs of their new tenants.

The Hartford Building is a three-story building built in 1950 located in historic downtown Tulsa. In 2017, the Blue Dome Anchor Group purchased the building and decided to make revisions to the building. In 2018, the building underwent a $7 million renovation, which included a total of 74,000 square feet of the renovated space. The Hartford Building previously housed the Permit and Planning Departments for the City of Tulsa, but it has now been transformed into a multi-tenant office complex for Clarion Events Ltd., Merrick & Company, and The Root Coworking group, which offers new age flexible office and conference co-working environments for rent.

ES2’s Tulsa branch began working for the building owners during the initial renovation

after being recommended by local equipment manufacturer AAON. Our first project at The Hartford Building was to replace two of the existing 20+ year old rooftop units with new AAON units. Part of the challenge experienced during the initial renovation was that the newer, more modern, and efficient AAON units also came with a smaller footprint than the previous older units. To defeat this obstacle, ES2 installed custom-built curb adapters to accept the new units and support the weight properly.

While updating the HVAC system, we worked with the owner to provide options for adding a building automation system in order to help to reduce operating costs and improve tenant comfort. The owner ultimately selected Automated Logic’s WebCTRL building automation system, and over time has converted all of the remaining mechanical equipment, including the VAVs and RTUs. We installed Automated Logic’s ZN551s with USF Stations to revive and utilize the building’s existing variable airflow actuators.

As new tenants began to move in, ES2 completed multiple projects for both the building owner and the new tenant buildout. Access Controls were added to help with security and better sever the tenants requiring varying access times to the building. Another example is when The Root Coworking moved into the south end of the second floor, our Mechanical Department installed the brand new VAV boxes, which were outfitted with Automated Logic controls. Our TAB professionals also performed test and balance in this area to ensure that the air was flowing correctly and that the air quality would be comfortable for the building’s tenants.

Over the last few years, we have also expanded the Automated Logic building automation system to control equipment serving tenants Clarion and Merrick, along with a second area of the building for The Root Coworking. More recently, we also replaced some of the existing RTU equipment with two new 10-ton York RTUs to serve the third floor for the building owner. To complete the total building unification, ES2 also was selected to provide new access controls, which combines multiple complex access controls systems that seamlessly integrate back into one control source. Installed first for the building entrances and later for the individual suites, our system now provides convenient and reliable security for the entire building.

ES2 has been honored to maintain an ongoing relationship with the Hartford Building. We are pleased to continue to provide mechanical preventative maintenance while servicing the HVAC, building automation, and access controls whenever needed. ES2 has the solution to any building’s automation controls or HVAC problems. We work diligently with the building owner to ensure all their requests and needs are met and receive the best products and services for their building.

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