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ES2 can provide custom solutions to help you achieve your goals and stay on budget. We have the capability to help complete your building initiatives from beginning to end. We have already helped our customers across a variety of industries save millions of dollars on their utility bills. Contact us today to learn how we can help your built environment.  


Design Build


ES2’s Professional Engineers establish and guide a unified vision as the terminal contractor and lead for the MEP disciplines from beginning of design through final occupancy. Our all-in-one approach benefits owners, general contractors, operators, and end-users of the built environment. 


  • Streamline communication and delivery.

  • Improve timelines of MEP construction schedule.

  • Ensure quality control by embedding TAB and Commissioning agents throughout the process

  • Fully integrate smart technology from design to operation.

  • Reduce cost by having one team start and finish a project.

Design Build
Building Automation System

What is Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Building Automation Systems (BAS) systems can control chillers, access controls, boilers, energy management, air handling units, roof top units, fan coil units, heat pump units, variable air volume boxes, security systems, plumbing and water monitoring, card and keypad access, and fire alarm systems.

ES2 System Service Check

Controls can be one of the most sophisticated aspects of your HVAC system. Through remote diagnostics, ES2 can analyze trend reports, detect problems, find root causes, and identify solutions that will not only enhance your system's operation but help you to implement effective energy management strategies. ES2′s remote diagnostics systems service check will focus on cost effectively conserving power and maximizing your equipment’s capacity. From troubleshooting to corrective action, this service can help you act quickly before problems become severe and determine whether a specialist needs to be dispatched.



Customer Training (in the field)

Custom Building Automation System Controls

Energy Reporting

Graphical Displays

Lighting and Access Controls

Sequence Checks

Ability to Integrate Third-party Controls



On Staff Journeyman Electrician

Electrical Installs Retrofit & New Construction

Logistics: In-house Control Panel Production

Replacing Fiber

Replacing Motors

Replacing Network Cabling

Replacing VFDs

Structured Cabling

Turn-Key BAS Installation


Troubleshooting Control Systems

Quick Response to Customer Issues

Building Automation System (BAS)



Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of Water Systems

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of Air Systems

Fume Hood Testing

HEPA Filter Testing

ASHRAE 110 Testing

DALT Testing

OR and ISO Room Certifications

Sound and Vibration Testing

Smoke Evacuation Testing

Clean Room Testing ASHRAE 170

Annual ACH Testing for Hospitals

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Temperature Trending

Humidity Trending

Water flow Trending

Pressure Trending

System Purge Testing

What is Test Adjust and Balance 

Test Adjust and Balance, or TAB, is part of the commercial HVAC construction process in which technicians perform tests and take air and hydronic measurements which allows them to adjust systems flows as required to achieve optimum performance of the building environmental equipment. The TAB technician will submit a written report which summarizes the testing and balancing and note any deficiencies found. Fixing issues identified in TAB reports can mean the difference between a well-cooled and heated building that is energy efficient and a building that is consistently out of balance and compromises occupant comfort.

Why Choose ES2 

We have NEBB certified technicians who are skilled in using top-of-the-line instruments to balance and measure HVAC equipment to ensure that they are running correctly and at optimum capacity. Our technicians are all trained to problem-solve as they encounter different challenges with each job, for example with each new piece of equipment placed on the market our technicians spend time to understand and learn how they operate. This knowledge base allows them to work on both old and new equipment. 

Test Adjust & Balance

Test Adjust & Balance


Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

Why Commission Your Building

Hiring a Commissioning agent for your new build project can ensure the construction process go is streamlined, can reduce the number of changes orders needed, reduce the cost of operations and energy cost. If you are wanting an older building that was not commissioned during the construction process then retro-commissioning is your answer. Retro-commissioning will provide a systemic evaluation of your building to see where improvements can be made to the efficiency of the building.

Why Choose ES2? 

Besides staffing having highly skilled and experienced agents, our team members perform Technical Commissioning versus Process Commissioning. With Process Commissioning all a building owner receives is someone reviewing commissioning forms completed by contractors. Our team performs Technical Commissioning which means that our commissioning agents are on site, inspecting the building to observe and review installation of equipment, helping to facilitate communication between trades, which leads to closing a project faster and making sure a quality job is performed. Our company has a collection of knowledgeable employees who are experts in Building Automation, Test Adjust and Balance, and Engineering.


Building Envelope Testing

Building System Commissioning

Whole Building Technical Commissioning

and Sound and Vibration

Design Phase Commissioning

Enhanced Commissioning

Fire Alarm Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

LEED Technical Commissioning

NFPA Above Ceiling Inspection


ASHRAE defines Building Commissioning as “A quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria.” The commissioning process helps to ensure that the owners project specifications are being met and that building components are working correctly.




Why Choose ES2 

ES2 has a dedicated team of mechanical and electrical engineers who are ready to tackle both small and large-scale jobs. We have multiple licensed Professional Engineers on staff. We care that a job is executed correctly, and our goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the scope of work where others fall short. Our company has a collection of knowledgeable employees who are experts in Building Automation, Test Adjust and Balance, and Building Commissioning.

      As an authorized dealer for Automated Logic, our Engineering department helps to develop a customized web page that allows the customer to monitor their building from one convenient window. Automated Logic is more friendly and more powerful.

Automated Logic has remained backward compatible even with Automated Logic products that are 40 years old. Other product suppliers intently build their products and software to not be backwards compatible, so customers keep having to upgrade and buy new products and software. We actively update Automated Logic cumulative updates for customers for free. We will suggest to customers when to update and recommend only when they actually need to update. A lot of our competitors require customers to buy a license every year to keep software updated. Some of them will require hardware updates after only a few software updates.


Technical Support /Assisting with IT issues

Certified Measurement and Verification Professional

Program and Database Development

International Performance Measurement and Verification

Energy STAR Building Certification

Certified Energy Manager

Technical Shop/Job Drawings

Wiring Schematics for Construction

Control System Design

Energy Audits

Control Drawings

Design Build

Product Selection

ALC Certified Training

Why Hire An Engineer 

An HVAC engineer is a mechanical engineer who designs ventilation, conditioning, and heating systems for commercial buildings or residential spaces. HVAC engineers have expertise in plumbing and electricity, which helps them understand climate control systems. They understand how air flows through different structures and can calculate heat load and loss. They collaborate with other construction specialists and are knowledgeable of local, state, and federal regulations and building codes.


HVAC Controls Facilities Management Systems


ES2’s Building Management System can bring your facilities into the 21st century by accurately monitoring and controlling your everyday building operations. Our systems reduce your operating costs by enabling maximum control and efficiency for each of your spaces. 

Additionally, our systems reduce your maintenance costs by notifying managers of small issues before they become costly problems.

ES2 highly recommends Automated Logic Corporation's Building Management Systems, for which we are the only authorized dealer in the state of Oklahoma. ALC uses Open Architecture, which means ES2 can create a comprehensive management system that integrates all of your hardware across various manufacturers.

From any internet-capable device, you will have the power to administer important facility functions, such as:

  • Operation, Request to Run

  • Occupancy Schedule

  • Demand Limiting

  • Zone Set Point Optimization

  • Optimal Start

  • Trim & Respond Static and Supply Temp Controls

HVAC Controls Management

Mechanical Services

ES2 established our mechanical service department so that we can serve as a single-source solution provider to our building owner partners with complex HVAC and controls service needs. Regardless of whether the root cause of a problem lies in the mechanical equipment or controls, our technicians can help.


We provide equipment start-up, service, and scheduled preventative maintenance contracts to ensure your equipment operates reliably and efficiently for its full lifecycle.


Air Handling Equipment

Equipment Replacement Scheduling

Preventative Maintenance


Conventional Systems

Routine Maintenance








Mechanical Services



ES2 University offers a comprehensive array of training resources customized to your individual needs. Our experts can conduct on-site training in your facility and on your equipment to provide effective “hands-on” learning. Classes are available in our local training center so that each participant can directly operate controllers and the user interface.  Alternatively, we can also provide flexible online training.


The benefits of ES2's customer training program can help you more accurately predict expenses, help maintain or reduce maintenance costs, update your maintenance staff, increase your overall profitability, and plan for the future.


Strategic Energy Planning


ES2’s Energy Solutions team can provide a range of services to support immediate and long-term improvements in energy efficiency. From energy audits to design of energy conservation measures to certifications like ENERGYSTAR, ES2’s professionals partner with building owners to establish and meet energy management goals and lower operating costs. We can leverage technical solutions like an Energy Management System or simply optimize existing equipment via behavioral energy conservation programs.
Our interdisciplinary Energy Solutions team helps building owners leverage the expertise of our professional engineers, experts in various building systems, Certified Energy Managers (AEE), and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (AEE).

Strategic Energy Planning
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