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RACK59 Data Center

Tulsa Area United Way


RACK59 Data Center


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

Oklahoma’s premier Carrier-dense data center, RACK59, has entrusted ES2 with critical environmental controls and monitoring for over a decade. By creating a holistic data center monitoring ecosystem, ES2 equipped RACK59’s internal technical team with real-time visibility into system performance. This monitoring system has recorded a 99.999% uptime, the annual guaranteed availability of data function. Designed as a mission-critical facility that must operate without interruption 24/7, RACK59 provides seven layered security, expansive and redundant power, and abundant flexible-use space to serve all of their customer’s needs. RACK59’s boasts the most robust power of any data center in Oklahoma and rivals enterprise data centers like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. As a true 2N redundancy model, this architecture allows the data center operator to take down an entire set of components without interrupting normal operations. This starts with a dedicated, on-site 40MW substation fed from diverse power-generating sources. Two underground feeds supply a central mechanical building, where the generators are located. ES2 engineered a WebCTRL operator interface that has a real-time metering dashboard that displays, trends, monitors, and alarms this mission-critical power data 24/7/365. A custom alarm console graphic developed by ES2’s specialists helps operators worldwide by displaying a visual monitor of current and potential faults and status information of all WebCTRL network-connected equipment. With over 2,800 physical points, ES2 manages 165 million trend samples to help the RACK59 team organize their operational data to offer their customers an assured solution. Through multiple growth phases, ES2 furnished RACK59 with Automated Logic’s WebCTRL Building Automation System, which is designed to accommodate facility and operational changes and can be added without additional licensing fees for supplementary operators or field supervisory routers. During these expansion phases, hardware and programming solutions were provided, maintaining the data center environmental conditions of 70℉ and 74℉, with relative humidity between 40% and 45% without downtime. Some of the equipment added within the WebCTRL system included multiple Central Utility Plants, CRAC units, air handlers with dehumidification sequencing, utility feed metering, generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, UPS, data rack network status, and submetering. The robust software still supports the legacy controllers installed initially in each phase. ES2 has comprehensive mission-critical facility solutions to help improve visibility, control, and efficiency across all types of building portfolios. Our systems help ensure the following data center functions remain online and uninterrupted:

  • Building Automation & HVAC Controls

  • Environmental Monitoring & Control

  • Analytics & Fault Detection (FDD)

  • Critical Alarming

  • Data Visualization

  • PUE Management

  • System Redundancy

  • Systems Integration

  • Integration of Facility and IT systems (Integrated Data Center Management)

  • Support Agreements with Mission Critical team

  • Data Center Expertise

  • Single Point of Contact

  • Standardization & Consistency across Multiple Sites

  • Centralized Billing/Warranty

  • Local Support

Contact our knowledgeable team members to find out how we can help improve your building's environment. (405) 233-3127

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