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Muskogee High School Case Study

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Muskogee High School


Muskogee, OK

Services Provided


Optimizing HVAC Efficiency and Comfort at Muskogee High School


At Muskogee High School, ES2 recently completed a project to enhance equipment efficiency, streamline operations, and reduce energy costs.


Enhanced Control with Distech Equipment


As part of a bond project, the district had new VAV air handlers and reheat VAV systems installed. ES2 then replaced existing Honeywell controllers for the multizone equipment with Distech Eclypse S1000 and ECB-VAV controllers. We provided a Niagara-based controls system with a user-friendly front-end interface, offering excellent speed and security.


Robust Communication Infrastructure


ES2's Distech and Niagara 4 certified technicians designed a system infrastructure utilizing both BACnet MSTP and BACnet over IP communications. This dual approach facilitates faster and more reliable controls communication, all while utilizing the school's existing network infrastructure and security measures. Moreover, in the event of network communication failure, each VAV air handler and associated VAVs can seamlessly operate as standalone systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality.


Collaborative Approach for Minimal Disruption


Throughout the project, ES2 worked closely with school staff and other contractors, coordinating efforts to minimize disruption to the school's daily operations. By carefully managing equipment and controls, ES2 ensured uninterrupted occupant comfort, even amidst ongoing construction and system upgrades.

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