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Smart Node™

Put the power, flexibility and speed of IoT in your building automation system with 75F® Smart Node™. Gone are the days of pulling thousands feet of com wire from field controllers to supervisory devices and PLCs. Power up a Smart Node close to your equipment, select a pre-written sequence of operation recommended by ASHRAE with auto-updating from the cloud, pair the Smart Node with its supervisor over a secure and encrypted 900 MHz wireless mesh network, and move on. Each Smart Node includes 11 interface ports to support a wide range of I/O uses and unlimited applications. Enjoy the comfort and energy savings made possible only by 75F in one-tenth the effort it used to be.


The Smart Node is a revolutionary equipment controller with flexible software-defined configurations which can control a range of single and dual stage equipment across all 75F application solutions – RTU functions, 2 and 4 pipe fan coil units, economizer damper actuators, VAV with Reheat systems, smart dampers, pumps and heat pumps, hot water mixing valves, lighting panels, energy meters or current transformers and more. Each Smart Node operates off 24V AC or DC and is designed to accept daisy-chain power, making installation of your power bus simple and fast. This device marries multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs with mesh network communication and Bluetooth commissioning, virtually eliminating the need to install network cabling in your building. Hardware defined by software means simplicity – one Smart Node, unlimited applications.


  • Adaptable to unlimited applications. The Smart Node was designed and built from the studs out to control nearly any equipment type and brand with zero programming required.

  • Automatic and wireless upgrades. Pre-written sequences of operation always update for seamless performance benefits.

  • Fast, easy installation. Backlit text and light-pipe enabled ports indicate which inputs/outputs are enabled.

  • Secure Wireless Mesh Network. The Smart Node takes advantage of 75F’s secure and proprietary encrypted 900Mhz mesh-network to connect sensors and terminal equipment to the 75F Central Control Unit™.

To find out more about the 75F products we carry, contact our specialist at (405) 233-3114.

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