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OU Medicine North Tower

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Tulsa Area United Way
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OU Medicine

OU Medical Center North Tower


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

ES2 is participating in the construction of the largest hospital expansion project in Oklahoma history and one of the largest hospital expansion projects in the nation, the North Tower for OU Health University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

The 450,000 sq ft, eight-story North Tower features 144 patient rooms, 32 operating rooms, and an Intensive Care Unit, which does not include the basement. Various floors will house OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center patients for treatments and therapies. The North Tower will provide additional technology and capacity for patients of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center Level 1 Trauma Center. In consideration of patients and their family’s experience, rooms were built to allow extra space for family members and large medical teams. The North Tower has large floor-to-ceiling windows that bring natural light into patient rooms along with views of either the state capital, downtown Oklahoma City, or the OU Health Center campus.

ES2's role within the construction team is to help bring the project from the design phase to completion. ES2 partnered with the OU Medical team to complete a design review prior to the construction processes. ES2's Building Automation team is working to streamline the complex mechanical systems required to run a hospital, such as the operating rooms and isolation areas. ES2's Test Adjust and Balance team is keeping patients and staff comfortable and safe while in the hospital by ensuring the proper airflow and water are used. In addition to verifying the building's efficiency with its mechanical systems, ES2's commissioning team is participating in the life safety team and making sure that the building meets the NFPA 101 and ASTM 2393 standards. As a whole ES2 is a leader in ensuring that the hospital will both be functional and efficient once it is completed. ES2's efforts on the project have earned Automated Logic's Project of the Year - Mountain and Plains Region.

Parts Used

Automated Logic's Multi-Equipment Controllers, Optiflex Routers, Zone Controllers for operating rooms and patient rooms, Outdoor Air temperature and humidity monitor, Room pressure monitors by Antec controls.

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