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Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Tulsa Area United Way


Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture


Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Overview of Project

The Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture, also known as the OKPOP Museum, is dedicated to showcasing the creative spirit of Oklahoma’s people and the influence of Oklahoma artists on popular culture globally. It is a new 60,000-square-foot, three-story building located in the Tulsa Arts District. The museum will house an extensive collection of artifacts, archival materials, film and video, and audio recordings that reflect Oklahoma’s cultural impact in fields such as music, film, literature, and humor.

ES2’s Tulsa branch installed the building automation system and performed the test and balance for the new museum. The mechanical systems in the building include air handling units, VAVs, and a chiller and boiler plant. OKPOP Exhibits and Facilities Manager Erin Turner explained, “As a museum, having consistent environmental controls across the building is important to keeping our artifacts safe for many years. Our museum has many different needs from artifact storage, office space, event space, and galleries that all have specific needs for environment controls.”

Our BAS team installed a sophisticated controls system to meet those specific needs while ensuring that the hardware would not distract from the museum’s exhibits. All the mechanical equipment on the exhibit floors was exposed at the ceiling, meaning we had to devise creative ways to run our communication wiring. We used BAPI wireless sensors and designed and 3D printed a new custom thermostat mount to allow for ALC branded covers more consistent with the building design. We also integrated an atypical kind of boiler into the automation system.

Our TAB balanced the HVAC system throughout the museum. In particular, the team used their certified training in operating scissor lifts to perform their testing, adjusting, and balancing more than 30 feet in the air while they serviced the equipment in the open atrium area. The system is designed to keep the artifacts safe for future generations by managing temperature and humidity. Once our team had balanced the system, the building's prior humidity and pressure issues were resolved. This allowed the client to start moving in archives and museum exhibit items without worrying about possible damage.

The museum environment is unique and complex, requiring an experienced company like ES2 to provide services that ensure the safety and integrity of the exhibits. Turner explained, “The ES2 team has been amazing to work with throughout the project. They’ve been quick to respond with smart solutions to the problems that arise during construction. They have always followed through, post construction, to help make sure the system at OKPOP is up to their standards. They have taken care to make sure that our staff has been trained in the best use of the equipment installed.” ES2 is proud to be supporting the museum’s important cultural mission.

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