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Choctaw Casino & Resort - Durant

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Polk Mechanical Company


Durant, Oklahoma

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Overview of Project

ES2 was involved in constructing the new Sky Tower Hotel addition at the Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant, Oklahoma. Since ES2 had performed work at the Choctaw Casino & Resort before, we were a perfect candidate to help further integrate controls for the new addition. Standing 21 stories tall, this new addition adds 1,000 new hotel rooms as well as additional space for gaming, including 3,300 slot machines and 40 table games. This expansion also includes dining options with two new restaurants and two new bars; a shopping boutique, two theaters, and two pools.

Because of the size, complexity, and aggressive timeframe of this project, two separate mechanical contractors were required to complete the scope of work. Butters-Fetting selected our BAS solutions for the central plant and casino floor while Polk Mechanical Company utilized our BAS and TAB services on the Sky Tower Hotel and pool area. Our engineering team collaborated with these mechanical contractors to formulate plans for the expansion. ES2 provided Building Automation services for the new central plant in the Sky Tower and casino floor. The recovery ventilation systems utilized by ES2 regulate tempered outside air for heating and cooling the hotel rooms. Monitoring devices were installed on the outdoor pool building. Controls were added that allow for ease of use and adjustments of rooftop units, which supply air to the entire twenty-one-story hotel. Our TAB team worked on balancing the entirety of Sky Tower Hotel as well as the pool building. Additional work was performed on the bars, restaurants, and commercial kitchens.

Expanding on the WebCtrl services that ES2 had previously installed, G5CEs were added for all new areas as well as new OFBBC-NRs with expanders. These enable control of the 24 AHUs that serve the casino floor space and central plant area. In addition, ZS2Ps were used to monitor space temperature and SE6104s installed to control the 20 AAON rooftop units.

Whether a building is old or new, ES2’s skilled team of technicians and engineers can have the ability to evaluate a building’s HVAC and building automation systems to ensure that everything is running to optimal capacity in the most cost-efficient way.

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