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UHAT Design Build

Updated: Jan 15, 2023


University Hospitals Authority and Trust


OklahomaCity, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

ES2 is excited to showcase a Design Build project that consolidated three AHU systems into one for this month’s case study. The Design Build process involves ES2’s Professional Engineers establishing and guiding a unified vision with the experience of the terminal contractor and managing the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing disciplines from the design phase through final occupancy. Our all-in-one approach benefits owners, general contractors, operators, and end-users of the built environment. The benefits clients see from using ES2 for their Design Build projects are streamlined communication and delivery, improved timelines of the MEP construction schedule, quality control by embedding TAB and Commissioning agents throughout the process, fully integrated smart technology from design to operation, and reduction of cost by having one team begin and see a project to completion.

This project began as a component replacement for a 30-year-old air handling unit that was identified to benefit from energy efficiency upgrades. The unit only served a fraction of the floor it supplied. It was quickly determined that the best solution was to look holistically at the facility systems and remove two additional air handling units within the mechanical room. The air handling units currently in service no longer fit the current use of the space. ES2’s new design furnished advancements in energy savings and improved indoor air quality, in addition to lower overall anticipated project cost while still providing new ductwork configurations, a completely new air handling unit, new control components, four new VAV terminals, and a reduction in the required footprint of the mechanical equipment.

Various ES2 departments were involved in this project including BAS, TAB, Engineering, and Commissioning. A significant advantage of ES2 Design Build projects is the collaborative relationship between our teams. Within ES2, knowledge and skillsets are shared, allowing our BAS team to help streamline testing and functional performance of the equipment for our TAB team. Our TAB Technicians are also familiar with the control solutions that our BAS team install.

Design Build projects allow ES2 to move out of the role of terminal contractor on a project: tying systems into the building automation systems and performing testing, balancing, and commissioning as separate overall strategies. We take the lead from design inception and become an all-encompassing owner representative for the project from the beginning, end, and continued operation of the building systems. We know of any project challenges and are aware of exactly where project conditions stand at all times rather than waiting on information to trickle down. This is the essence of our Design Build effort.

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