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Tulsa Drillers

Tulsa Area United Way


Tulsa Drillers


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Services Provided

Design Build, BAS, MECH

Overview of Project

ES2’s long-term partnership with the Tulsa Drillers minor league baseball facility demonstrates the flexibility and depth of knowledge we provide. ES2 has performed a variety of HVAC service calls and controls upgrades, and our design build team has provided turnkey solutions for expanding and building out new areas of the ballpark.

When asked about his impression of the work performed by ES2, Marshall Schellhardt, the Director of Stadium Operations for the Drillers had this to say:

“From our high-profile projects to the smaller jobs, ES2 approaches each job with the same professionalism no matter the size…I know when I do have a question about any of the countless items that ES2 works on here at the ballpark, they take the time to walk me through and make sure that I understand what the end goal is. Not only does ES2 help keep things maintained but they also bring the ideas to the table of how to improve and keep the ballpark in the best shape possible.”

ES2 has completed three design build projects to help the Tulsa Drillers provide refreshing food and beverage experiences for baseball fans. First, we expanded a storage area and converted it into a frozen drinks bar area. Our next project was to pour a new concrete pad and install a walk-in cooler to securely house food deliveries before operating hours. More recently, we managed the design and construction of a new bar, The Hop and Sting Brewery Bar, along the third baseline concourse. For these projects, ES2 teamed up with architects and led the process from start to finish. We secured permits, selected and coordinated with the subcontractors for framing, steel, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, finishes, and roofing, and then performed a clean project closeout.

Over the years, ES2 has also completed a wide range of mechanical service projects and service calls and controls upgrades. Our mechanical service team has added supplemental heat to the mezzanine suite area, provided new ductwork for the maintenance area and bathrooms near the suites, and performed a variety of break/fix service calls. In particular, after an extraordinarily hard freeze in early 2021 caused approximately 180 water leaks in pipes, sinks, steamers, toilets and urinals throughout the facility, ES2’s team diligently tracked down and addressed every leak, replaced all damaged fixtures, and provided documentation for the insurance claim.

ES2’s controls team recently undertook the first phase of an ongoing project to take over the existing Trane controls, integrate, and convert the facility to a Distech Niagra-based building automation system. We took over existing Trane controllers and replaced approximately twenty of the fan coil unit controllers in the suite level. We replaced the Trane BCU and used the Distech ECL line of controllers in the suite level so that we could use the existing LON trunk. We replaced the Trane front end with a Distech EC-BOS 8 to provide a user-friendly front end for the integrated building automation system. We also used the Eclipse line of Distech ECY controllers to use BACnet over IP. This will provide Drillers with better integrated controls across their facility, supported by ES2 as a cost-effective local partner for any future service call needs.

Finally, ES2 recently helped the Drillers bring a particularly innovative vision to reality. The Drillers wondered if it would be possible to fire a large flare at the top of a model oil rig to celebrate home runs and ES2 designed and implemented a custom build to make this possible. We partnered with John Zink to share our conceptual vision and leverage their engineering and manufacturing expertise. After the Drillers approved a test device at the John Zink facility, ES2 built a propane cart, piped to John Zink’s flare device, and integrated a control panel for convenient operation, and then John Zink tested the system. ES2 installed the flare on site and integrated the controls wirelessly so that it can be operated from a switch in the press box. This creates an exciting pyrotechnic display baseball fans!

ES2 looks forward to continuing to support the Tulsa Drillers for many years to come. From controls to HVAC service to turnkey design build projects, ES2 is here as a reliable local partner for many building owners throughout our community as their facility needs evolve and expand.

Contact our knowledgeable team members to find out how we can help improve your building's environment. (405) 233-3127

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