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Sheridan School District

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

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Sheridan School District


Sheridan, Arkansas

Services Provided


Overview of Project

ES2 helped renovate and build additions to existing buildings for Sheridan School District in Sheridan, Arkansas. Our projects included work on the new 57,664 square-foot East End Middle School, upgrades on Sheridan Middle School which included a 35,000 square-foot addition, and various additional smaller upgrades to buildings throughout the school district. This case study will focus on ES2’s role in helping construct the 150,000 square-foot addition to Sheridan High School and Health Center. The high school addition provided space for Technical Education classrooms, a library/media center, special education classrooms, a cafeteria that seats 750 people, and a new 2,200 seat gymnasium. The school-based Health Center allows students and staff access to urgent care, vaccinations, and other health and wellness services.

ES2 used Automated Logic products to integrate the Health Center and the new addition to Sheridan High School’s HVAC, lighting, and access controls. This allowed for easy management of the web-based Building Management System with a thermal graphic display of HVAC equipment, and floor plans complete with scheduling control, alarming, and data trending. The lighting controls we provided were web-based and displayed thermal graphics of lighting fixtures, switches, and floor plans complete with scheduling control as well as email alarming and data trending.

ES2 partnered with DAQ Electronics and Assa Abloy to provide security solutions for the Sheridan School District. Utilizing DAQ StarWatch™ SMS software, EntroStar™ 2-door control panel, and Stargate-5 integration controller, ES2 has installed and commissioned physically wired access controls as well as wireless access controls to provide a secure solution to many buildings within the district. EntroStar™ was chosen for the Control Access Portals. EntroStar™ is the world’s first PoE/PoE+ native BACnet access control panel, offering true open connectivity for diverse applications. Designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system, the EntroStar enables seamless integration of access control, security, and building management systems. Each EntroStar controller supports two doors with combinations of magnetic locks and electric strikes/releases and up to four Wiegand compatible readers without the need for a local power supply.

ES2, an Assa Abloy Certified Integrator (CI), has partnered with DAQ, an Assa Abloy Authorized Channel Partner (ACO), to provide a wireless lock solution. By interfacing a StarGate-5 controller with an Aperio® hub from ASSA ABLOY®, the StarWatch™ SMS platform can easily expand the reach of access control systems, connecting to a wide range of wireless door and cabinet locks. Each StarGate-5 controller supports up to 16 electronic locking mechanisms and can be paired with a single Aperio hub or connected to up to 8 hubs. Individual hubs support wireless communication with up to 8 distributed locks. With an open, forward-thinking design, StarWatch supports the framework of existing systems, seamlessly integrating with installed equipment while providing administrators with the architectural tools needed to add wireless locking devices to new areas and quickly adapt to changing security requirements.

Creating a healthy learning environment is key to ensuring our students and teachers are safe during these uncertain times. One way schools can create a healthy and safe learning environment is by making improvements to their facility's ventilation and air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality. ES2 has serviced over 91 school districts throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma, and we pride ourselves on making a healthy learning environment for students of all ages.

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