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Lawton Public Safety Building

Tulsa Area United Way
Photo by Chris Strout


Lawton Public Safety

City of Lawton


Lawton, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

ES2 was involved in helping build the new $34.4 million 106,778 sq. ft. Public Safety Building for the City of Lawton. The newly constructed Lawton Public Safety houses multiple city departments such as the police station, fire station, municipal court, and jail. The fire station will replace the existing 90-year-old facility currently used by the Central Station firefighters and include offices, a kitchen, a locker room, and a washer and dryer. The jail can house up to 126 inmates with the ability to expand to hold up to 300 inmates. Given the building's unique layout, special considerations had to be taken with the hardware installed. The air handlers shared a supply plenum which meant adjusting the static pressure control. The fan coil units presented a bit of a challenge as they were a four-pipe system and needed to be converted to a two-pipe system. ES2 created a sequence utilizing a mode value to switch from chilled water to heated water. The jail required a specific fire smoke purge sequence for which ES2 configured controls to signal a fire smoke panel that will turn on the air units and force the smoke out.

Despite the complexity of the building layout ES2 was able to integrate and control the majority of the BAS and HVAC equipment, allowing the clients to see additional layers of information from each piece of equipment, all centralized at one source. These hundreds of information points in WebCtrl facilitate troubleshooting and ensure everything is running at optimal capacity.

One of the great benefits of hiring ES2 for a project is we want our clients to have a sense of ownership of the software and hardware we install. We provide training classes and make it so that the client can be self-reliant in operating our systems once our job is finished. Many companies will install equipment that only they can alter or change, creating more cost for the client. ES2 and our Automated Logic products are different as our goal is quality work and ease of use.

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