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Automated logic's Immersion Temperature Sensors are available in 2”, 4”, and 8” probe lengths. The sensor is potted inside a 1/4” stainless steel probe with thermally conductive epoxy. All Immersion Units have etched Teflon leadwires and double encapsulated sensors to create a watertight package that can withstand high humidity and condensation.

Immersion Units come standard with a 2”x4” steel J-Box or a nylon and ABS plastic BAPI-Box 4 enclosure. They are also available with a watertight BAPI-Box or BAPI-Box 2 enclosure.


  • 2", 4” & 8” Probe Lengths: (fit our standard Thermowells)

  • Series 304 SS Probes & Double Encapsulated Sensors

  • Optional BAPI-Box or BAPI-Box 2 Enclosure


Probes are designed to be inserted into a Thermowell. Thermowells are available in lengths to match our Immersion Probe Lengths.


Environmental Operation Range: Temperature Sensor:

  • J-Box: -40 °C to 100 °C

  • BAPI Box: -40 °C to 85 °C

  • Humidity: 0 to 100%, non-condensing

Enclosure Material:

  • BAPI-Box: Polycarbonate, UL94, V-0

  • BAPI-Box 2: Polycarbonate, UL94, V-0

  • BAPI-Box 4: Nylon & ABS Plastic, UL94, V-0

  • J-Box Model: Galv. Steel

Enclosure Rating:

  • BAPI-Box or BAPI-Box 2: IP66, NEMA 4

  • BAPI-Box 4 Model: IP10 (IP44 with Knockout Plug)

  • J-Box Model: IP20, NEMA 1

10K-2 Thermistor Sensor:

  • Resistance: 10 kΩ @ 25°C, -55 to 150°C range

  • Standard Accuracy: 0.2°C (±0.36°F) at 0 to 70°C

  • Dissipation Constant: 2.7 mW/°C

  • Stability(drift): Less than ±0.1°C (0.18°F) drift over 10 years

To find out more about the Automated Logic products we carry, contact our Automated Logic specialist at (405) 233-3114.

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