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Gordon Cooper Technology Center

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


Gordon Cooper Technology Center


Shawnee, Oklahoma

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Overview of Project

ES2 upgraded Gordon Cooper Technology Center’s building systems into a single, fully unified energy management controls platform. The Gordon Cooper Technology Center is a technical and vocational school located in central Oklahoma. It was named after Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, one of the first NASA astronauts under the Project Mercury program in the early 1960’s. In addition to its main campus in Shawnee, Gordon Cooper features classroom facilities at a satellite campus in Seminole and an Aviation Maintenance Technology Program at the Shawnee Municipal Airport.

For this project, our Tulsa branch BAS team performed a retrofit to the school's Aviation Maintenance Technology facility, which is comprised of various administration offices, classrooms, and aircraft hangar bays. Gordon Cooper’s goal was to deliver greater energy savings while providing a more comfortable learning environment by extending their existing Automated Logic WebCTRL system from their main campus.

ES2’s team replaced the existing legacy Honeywell controls system and upgraded Gordon Cooper to the latest Automated Logic Controls hardware. New equipment like ALC ZN551 controllers, G5CE Gateways, and ZS2P zone sensors helped complete the task. By installing new DDC controllers and other ancillary in-field components for the HVAC equipment and the exterior parking lot lighting, ES2 upgraded the building's systems into a single, unified platform. The system also interlocks the heating equipment into hibernation mode, which temporarily disables the aircraft bay unit heaters from running when the overhead doors are left open to the outside. This system sequencing prevents the heaters from needlessly running and wasting energy.

The solutions provided by ES2 benefited the Gordon Cooper Technology Center with greater and more reliable thermal comfort control over their facility as well as significant energy savings, while adding a reliable and efficient controls system for the future. ES2 specializes in not just commercial buildings but unique projects like this one.

Call us today to learn more about how we can make your building more comfortable for its occupants while saving on energy costs.

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