PlantCTRL® Chiller Plant Solution

The Automated Logic® PlantCTRL™ controller is an integral component of the WebCTRL® building automation system.

This factory-engineered, cutting-edge control solution offers algorithms designed to provide control over all aspects of a chiller plant, coordinating the control of chillers, pumps, and towers into a finely tuned, cohesive system.

The solution consists of a dedicated controller, standard dashboards, I/O expanders, and a library of factory-engineered control programs that are specifically designed to cover the most common chiller plant configurations.



  • Supports library-driven programming using EquipmentBuilder. Quickly choose from a library of factory-engineered and tested control programs that are specifically designed to cover the most common chiller plant configurations, eliminating the need for custom logic

  • Supports EIKON® graphical programming tool, an object-oriented tool that provides complete flexibility for any custom control sequence that you need

  • Supports live, visual displays of control logic, which uses real-time operational data and aids in optimizing and troubleshooting system operations

  • Embedded trends and alarms provide insight on chiller plant performance and also aid in system troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Supports 20 I/O points on the controller, and up to (6) MEX I/O expansion modules in panel configuration or remotely mounted up to 100 ft away for scalable solutions (164 I/O total)

Chiller Plant Dashboards

  • Pre-configured screens for both air-cooled and water-cooled plants

  • Graphical and numeric energy use data

  • Default screens for 8 chiller plants; larger plants are easily accommodated

  • Metric and imperial units, as well as local currency values, are also supported

System Benefits

  • Compatible with any manufacturer’s air or water-cooled chillers

  • Supports integration to chiller plant equipment using BACnet, Modbus®, and LonWorks® protocols

  • Responds to the building load, automatically starting, staging, and stopping the plant, resetting the chilled water supply temperature, and matching tonnage produced to the tonnage required by the building

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