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KickingBird Golf Club

Tulsa Area United Way


City of Edmond


Edmond, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

ES2 worked on the $20 million transformational renovation project for the City of Edmond

at the KickingBird Golf Club. The projects included a newly constructed 13,384 square

foot clubhouse with an underground cart barn, a new 6,670 square foot Special Event

Center, a 3,169 square foot Banquet Space, short game practice facility, a new Driving

Range Pavilion, an expanded driving range tee area, rebuilding all 18 greens, replacing

the irrigation system on the course, improvements to the tee boxes and bunkers, and a

new Indoor Teaching Facility. The 50-year-old course will feel revitalized by the

updates and the new facilities will allow for flexibility so that they can be utilized for

events during non-peak times.

For this project, our BAS technicians integrated factory-provided packaged units via

BACnet. Our TAB team used Automated Logic’s user-friendly TAB program that allowed

them to drive the VAV boxes on the various systems through their paces for calibration

and function checking. The ES2 Commissioning team executed the Technical

Commissioning, where they reviewed the design documentation and field installation

verification on the mechanical equipment. This involved looking at the installation

equipment to make sure that it was on par with the design specifications and met

industry best practices. Another service our Commissioning technicians provided was

Functional Testing of the Equipment, where our technicians wrote a test to ensure that

the sequence of operations functioned as it was supposed to. During this testing,

our technicians also made energy-saving recommendations to the owner when any

were found.

ES2’s history of working on libraries, city halls, fire stations, prisons, and now the

KickingBird Golf Club shows our experience and ability to meet the needs of any city

project. With the evolving timeline of this project, we were able to be flexible and

accommodate the project as needed.

Contact our knowledgeable team members to find out how we can help improve your building's environment. (405) 233-3127

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