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Claremore Indian Hospital

Tulsa Area United Way


Claremore Indian Hospital

Indian Health Services


Claremore, Oklahoma

Services Provided


Overview of Project

The Claremore Indian Hospital, located in Claremore, OK, offers its community nine clinical services: community health, dentistry, optometry, emergency medical services, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, and gynecology, pediatrics, and radiology. The hospital was built in 1975, and as with all older buildings upgrades are needed to improve staff and patient comfort as well as the building's efficacy.

ES2 has provided BAS, TAB, and CX services across multiple projects for the Claremore Indian Hospital. This case study will highlight a recent project we undertook when the hospital upgraded its heating hot water system.

The hospital had previously undergone multiple renovations that impacted the load of the building, and as part of this project, the hospital upgraded to modern, higher-efficiency boilers. ES2 installed flow meters on the natural gas, heating hot water, and makeup water, and integrated the new boilers into IHS’s existing Automated Logic WebCTRL system. ES2 commissioned the controls system and provided TAB services to ensure that all design goals were met and the hospital had an efficient system and optimal building comfort.

Integrating the boilers and flow meters into Automated Logic WebCTRL empowers the hospital to heat the building more efficiently. By integrating the new boilers and flow meters, WebCTRL can more accurately calculate the building loads and automatically adjust the control of the boiler to provide the amount of hot water necessary to heat the building. In times of lower demand, the load can be automatically trimmed and thus consume less natural gas without sacrificing safety or thermal comfort. Doing so, WebCTRL empowers the operating engineer to monitor and trend the resulting energy consumption in real-time for an accurate and affordable energy management solution.

With the complexities that hospital buildings present it is a must to hire a skilled and knowledgeable team like ES2. Our seasoned engineers, project managers, and technicians have the necessary skill set to ensure that employees and patients have great air quality and a clean environment.

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