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WEBCTRL®'s for Government Buildings

With Automated Logic’s GSA contract, government and municipal customers can purchase our products directly from a local authorized dealer. We provide a vast support network along with access to powerful control, management, reporting and analytics solutions that are currently contributing to intelligent building ecosystems all across the country.


When it comes to intelligent building, every situation is different. That’s why experience is so important. Automated Logic has a history of working with government customers and providing strategies and solutions to meet a range of objectives.

  • Identifying energy conservation measures (ECMs) to deal with rising energy costs.

  • Understanding and implementing utility incentive programs such as Automated Demand Response (OpenADR).

  • Long term adoption of sustainability (LEED, EnergyStar, etc).

  • Measuring and reporting energy usage and emissions.

  • Protecting assets to get better ROI with proactive maintenance.

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