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The Jones Center

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Clear Energy


Springdale, AR

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Overview of Project

The Jones Center, located in the heart of downtown Springdale, Arkansas, is a vibrant hub for recreation, education, and community events. With over 220,000 square feet of space, it annually welcomes more than 750,000 visitors drawn by its array of attractions, including an indoor year-round ice arena, a junior Olympic-size lap pool, a family activity pool, an indoor track, and much more.  

ES2 has helped optimize the Jones Center's energy consumption in partnership with Clear Energy of Fayetteville, AR. The center faced significant energy inefficiencies, particularly concerning its heating and cooling systems, which warranted a comprehensive energy-saving overhaul. 

The scope of work included: 

  1. Upgrading Heating Systems: The existing heating system, powered by two outdated steam boilers, was nearing the end of its operational life. ES2 assisted in the design and sequence of operations and executed a conversion to a hot water system employing six highly efficient condensing boilers. This transition significantly enhanced energy efficiency. 

  2. Building Management Systems: ES2 designed and implemented a state-of-the-art automated building management system using Automated Logic's WebCTRL. This sophisticated system allowed for more precise control over the facility's operations, reducing energy waste and providing advanced reporting solutions to assist in operational directives and decision-making.  

  3. Air Handling Units: The heating coils in all the air handling units were upgraded to improve energy efficiency and comfort for visitors.

  4. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): ES2 added VFDs to control the speed of the pumps and motors based on demand. This feature not only saved energy but also prolonged the life of the equipment.

  5. Power Factor Correction: A capacitor bank was installed to eliminate an annual utility reactive power penalty, reducing utility costs.

The benefits of this comprehensive energy-saving project implemented by ES2 resulted in remarkable improvements for The Jones Center, including: 

  1. Energy Efficiency: The transition from steam to water heating, along with the introduction of condensing boilers, significantly reduced energy consumption. The new boilers boasted a 95% efficiency rating, compared to the outdated steam boilers' 65% efficiency. 

  2. Reduced Maintenance Costs: The shift from steam to hot water heating eliminated the need for round-the-clock monitoring, while the new automated building management system reduced maintenance costs further. Remote troubleshooting capabilities streamlined operations and allowed for prompt issue resolution.

  3. Enhanced Comfort: The automated building control system provided greater control and monitoring capabilities, enabling staff to respond swiftly to temperature changes. Occupancy sensors reduced energy wastage by automatically adjusting lighting and thermostats in unoccupied rooms.

  4. VFDs and Power Factor Correction: VFDs improved energy efficiency and extended the equipment's life, while installing a capacitor bank eliminated reactive power penalties.

  5. Operational Continuity: The project was executed with minimal disruption to the center's day-to-day activities. The center remained open and operational throughout the entire process.

  6. Commitment to Efficiency: This project marked The Jones Center’s second energy-improvement endeavor. Their previous lighting retrofit reduced electricity usage for lighting by over 50%, replacing or retrofitting more than 3,000 fixtures and installing 580 occupancy sensors and photocells. The collective efforts of ES2 and Clear Energy led to the successful acquisition of over $100,000 in utility incentive payments, significantly enhancing the return on investment for The Jones Center.


ES2's energy solutions, including the transition to highly efficient heating systems and the implementation of advanced building management technologies, brought about a near 50% increase in efficiency-incentive rebates for The Jones Center. This remarkable transformation reduced energy costs and supported the center's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, enhancing the overall experience for visitors while ensuring a more sustainable future for the community. 

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