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The MyWay™ mobile App enables building occupants to personalize and streamline their everyday experience in the buildings where they work. From temperature control to conference room bookings, the MyWay mobile App empowers occupants by connecting them directly to their building environment.

The MyWay mobile App extends the power of the WebCTRL® building automation system from the facility manager to building occupants, putting them in control of their own comfort. And with occupant comfort having a proven effect on cognitive performance as described in Carrier’s COGFx Study, building owners can expect improved productivity from their employees. Real estate developers may also expect to attract more clients by offering Apps that personalize and streamline the way occupants interact with the buildings across their portfolio.


  • Gives occupants personalized control of their comfort – leading to higher satisfaction

  • Provides a marketable differentiator for property owners, developers and management companies

  • Attracts and retains occupants across multiple verticals, including tenants, employees, guests, students and patients

  • Creates a more efficient working environment for the building occupant

  • Enables data analytics to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort

To find out more about the Automated Logic products we carry, contact our Automated Logic specialist at (405) 233-3114.

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