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ES2 is proud to announce we are now a system integrator for 75F. All ES2 offices now fully support all 75F solutions.


Deployed in offices and businesses at scale, 75F's IoT based building management system is so efficient it can reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by 5%, all while lowering energy costs for tenants and businesses and improving comfort for guests and occupants. Best of all, our technology has a minuscule carbon footprint compared to solar installations, equipment and building retrofits, or new construction projects, and is more affordable to install, configure, and manage than any comparable building automation system on the market today.

The secret is our vertically integrated and IoT based wireless solution, which brings together hardware and software to not just analyze building performance, but to control and optimize any existing HVAC equipment and systems. Every 60 seconds building data and projections are analyzed by sophisticated algorithms in our cloud and micro-adjustments are made if needed. Each 75F customer site receives roughly 150,000 individual decisions each day to ensure optimal comfort, indoor air quality, and energy and cost savings.


Here’s the bad news: Data shows that 25-30% of energy consumed in commercial buildings is wasted, costing businesses and building owners $120B a year and 250M metric tons of CO2 in the US alone.

Here’s the good news: With 75F’s IoT-based Building Management System, our customers aren’t wasting money, they are saving it — and leading the way towards smarter and more sustainable buildings.

To find out more about the 75F's products contact us today (405) 233-3114.

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