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Automated Logic Intelligent Zone Sensors

Monitoring Classroom Air Quality

Automated Logic’s ZS room sensors are an integral component of the WebCTRL® building automation system. These sensors provide the function and flexibility you need to manage the conditions important to the comfort, productivity, and sustainability of your facility, and are designed to work with Automated Logic controllers. The ZS sensors are designed to measure room temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), and are available in a variety of zone sensing combinations to address your specific control requirements. Designed to work with ZN, SE and ME controllers, the ZS sensor line includes the ZS Standard, ZS Plus, ZS Pro, ZS Pro-M, and ZS Pro-F.

Key Features and Benefits

All Room Sensors:

  • Provide flexibility for any building sensing application with monitoring of key building conditions, including temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOC’s.

  • Attractive, low profile enclosure in neutral color cover complements any room décor.

  • Combination sensing within one device efficiently reduces installation costs, wiring and wall clutter.

  • Multiple ZS room sensors can be daisy-chained to one controller for temperature averaging or high/low select to achieve optimal control. (Up to 15 ZS sensors per ME controller and five sensors per SE/ZN controller.)

  • A hidden communication port allows a laptop computer to be connected to the HVAC control system.

  • Mounts on a standard 2" by 4" electrical box for easy installation.

  • Smart combinations for measurement of zone temperature and/or relative humidity, CO2, VOC.

  • Multiple models offer a choice of options, including a large easy-to-read display, local setpoint adjustment, local override, and fan control.

ZS Plus:

  • Features a convenient local setpoint modification with an easy-to-use slide adjustment.

  • Occupancy override is simple using the momentary push button on the ZS Plus. A bright LED provides an immediate indication of status. When the override button is pressed during an unoccupied mode, the zone reverts to an occupied setpoint for a predetermined period of time.

ZS Pro, ZS Pro-M, ZS Pro-F:

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD on the ZS Pro displays zone temperature, outside air temperature, energy-saving mode icon, heating setpoint, and cooling setpoint on all models. Depending on the configuration, it will also display relative humidity, CO2, VOCs and local override (after-hours occupancy) time.

  • Occupancy override is easy using the “Manual On” momentary push button on the ZS Pro. A single push switches the zone to an Occupied mode for a preset period of time. Multiple pushes increase the override time, and the LCD displays precisely how long the zone will stay occupied. The occupied time per push and maximum override time are fully adjustable.

  • Zone setpoints can be easily changed on the ZS Pro by pressing the “Warmer” or “Cooler” button. How much each push affects the setpoint and the maximum total adjustments are fully adjustable.

  • Pressing the “Fan Speed” button on the ZS Pro-F incrementally adjusts the fan speed of the fan coil unit. The “Mode” button can be used to select among several zone operation modes that are fully adjustable.

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