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Texarkana Arkansas School District

Arkansas Middle School Gym
Photo by Aaron White


Texarkana Arkansas School District


Texarkana, Arkansas

Services Provided


Overview of Project

The newly constructed Arkansas Middle School will be the first new school built by Texarkana Arkansas School District in 37 years. Our Building Automation Systems technicians and NEBB certified Test Adjust and Balance technicians recently completed work on Arkansas Middle School. Our BAS technicians installed Automated Logic’s Intelligent Zone Sensors to keep optimal Indoor Air Quality in classrooms. Our TAB technicians tested and measured equipment to ensure design specifications were met and everything was running to optimal capacity.

Our WebCTRL system provides global energy management, control, and interfaces, with all major electrical and mechanical subsystems in the building. With these capabilities, facility managers can access, configure, and manage building control systems in ways that best serve their operational needs and budget.

Creating a healthy learning environment is key to allowing schools to return to in-person classes. One way schools can create a healthy and safe learning environment is by making improvements to their facility's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality. ES2 has serviced over 91 school districts throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Parts Serviced: 6 Rooftop Units, 7 Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), 26 Exhaust Fans, Kitchen Hood, Make Up Air Unit, 37 Ceiling Cassette Units Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), 50 Spilt Systems, 3 Fan Coil.

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