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Employee Feature: Tim Sheehan

We would like you to meet our employee, Tim Sheehan. Tim is an Account Executive in our Tulsa branch, and Tim has worked at ES2 for seven years.

Are you originally from Oklahoma?

No! I moved to Oklahoma as a junior in high school.

Tell me about any certifications, degrees, or training you have?

I have been in the mechanical industry for a long-time, covering service, repair, installation, design, sales, and management of various projects. I am a licensed Mechanical Contractor in both Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Are you a member of any organizations?

I am a member of ASHRAE.

Tell me what your experience working for ES2 has been like?

It has been exciting! ES2 has recognized my abilities and used my skills and talents to better myself and the company. My role has changed over time, but each change opens the door for new opportunities for our company and helps better serve our customers.

Describe a typical day at work for you?

I don’t think I am programmed for a typical day! Years ago, one of my engineering counterparts made the comment, “Plan your work and work your plan.” I thought that was just an awesome approach. While that approach never completely worked for me, I believe if I were not multiple-tasking with phone calls and email requests, I probably would get bored with a “typical day.” My days are always busy, but it makes for a full and productive day, even with challenges and different opportunities that need immediate attention.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

It’s a blast! ES2 has allowed me to use my experience and background to bring opportunities to the company that are not our typical services. Design Build service, Construction Manager services, going outside the box of our core offerings. Every customer has needs, and that’s where I can come in and give them a plan to address the challenges and struggles they are having.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I’m not much of a hobby guy. I enjoy family and just hanging out either at the pool or lake. My wife and I get on the motorcycles for a road trip.

Are you a sports fan?

I’ve played sports all my life. Now at this point, playing isn’t an option so I watch as many sports as I can. I follow mostly the Philadelphia teams and our Oklahoma teams.

Tell us about your family?

I’ve been married to my soulmate for 21 years. We have four kids ranging from 20-34, with the addition of our first grandson Asher. We also have always had pets of some kind. At this point, we have two small dogs, two larger dogs, three Geckos, and one Blue Iguana. Our family life is awesome always something going on but always fun and together.

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