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Antec Controls Room Pressure Monitor

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The Room Pressure Monitor (PM) is designed specifically to meet the needs of Compounding Pharmacies, Isolation Rooms and Operating Rooms. The PM provides single pressure monitoring while utilizing industry-first maintenance-free pressure sensors. The PM features visual and audible alarms signaling unsafe conditions. Illuminating sidebars provide 180 degree visual status from anywhere in the corridor. Audible alarms are available for additional room status indication ensuring building staff are able to verify changes in room status immediately. The PM measures the differential room pressure through the Room Pressure Sensor (RPS) assembly.


The PM provides pressure measurement through an industry first maintenance-free Room Pressure Sensor (RPS). As a result, the RPS is highly accurate with minimal drift over time. When tested against competing technologies, including diaphragm sensors and thermal anemometers, the RPS has proven to be the most durable pressure sensing technology.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS The PM provides precise room pressure monitoring for critical spaces. Using a maintenance free room pressure sensor (RPS), the PM can accurately measure room pressure without the risk of degradation over time.


+ Compounding Pharmacies

+ Operating Rooms

+ Isolation Rooms


+ 24/7 pressure monitoring

+ LED sidebars with 180 degree viewing

+ Maintenance-free pressure measurement

+ Password protected menus


+ ASHRAE 170 Healthcare Ventilation Standard

+ USP 800 and USP 797 Hazardous Drugs

– Handling in Healthcare Settings

To find out more about the Antec Controls products we carry, contact our Antec Controls specialist Bryce Bump at (713) 494-7854.

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