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Antec Controls Venturi FX Valve

The Antec Controls Venturi FX Valve (VFX) is designed specifically for room pressure control in healthcare and laboratory applications. Paired with the maintenance-free, high accuracy Antec Controls Pressure Transducer (PTX) or the PaceTM Critical Space Controller (PACE) and an actuator, the VFX achieves precise airflow measurement and control for critical environments.

Each valve is factory verified on NVLAP accredited airflow calibration stations (NVLAP Lab Code 201067-0 complying with ISO/IEC 17025) using N.I.S.T traceable equipment to ensure dependable and repeatable valve accuracy. Venturi FX Valves are accurate to +/- 5% of measured flow when using Antec Controls.

The Antec Controls Venturi FX Valve measures flow using ports installed non-invasive to the airflow stream. This innovative Antec Controls flow measuring station greatly reduces the risk of lint or other airborne particulates interfering with the control or accuracy of the valve. Additionally, the VFX does not require any straight duct on the inlet or outlet to accurately measure airflow.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS The Venturi FX Valve is designed specifically for precision room pressure and fume hood control applications.


+ Controlled accuracy within

+/-5% of measured airflow when using Antec Controls

+ High Speed or Standard Speed actuation

+ Closed loop airflow measurement

+ No straight duct inlet requirements


+ Actuator Options

+ Insulation Options

+ Connection Options

- Slip

- Flanged

+ Connection Accessories

- Drawband Clamps

- Companion Flanges

+ Hot Water Coils

+ Electric Coils

+ Silencers

To find out more, about the Antec Controls products we carry contact our Antec Controls specialist Bryce Bump at (713) 494-7854.

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