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Antec Controls CAVA Touchscreen Fume Hood Controller

Cava is an exceptionally versatile fume hood controller that precisely monitors and controls fume hood face velocity. Designed specifically to meet the needs of all fume hood types, Cava provides assurance that required fume hood face velocity is satisfied and the work environment is safe, while eliminating unnecessary energy usage. Cava delivers effective control using Venturi Valves, Venturi FX Valves, or terminal units on fume hoods and biosafety cabinets.

Cava displays critical fume hood details through its interface, where users can effortlessly view real-time information and update a variety of display parameters. Cava features a high resolution, 4.3”(109.2 mm) capacitive touch-screen display. Fume hood status is clearly indicated through a coloured display with an excellent viewing angle, along with programmable audible alarms ensuring the safety of all users through immediate notification of changes in fume hood status. Cava has two physical buttons, including one that allows users to quickly enter emergency mode without having to remove any protective wear.


Cava allows for various fume hood control configurations including sash position sensing, sidewall face velocity sensing, or hybrid sensing that combines both sash position and sidewall sensing. Once installed and commissioned, Cava is maintenance-free allowing for reliable fume hood control and monitoring. When controlling a Venturi Valve, the controller measures pressure drop across the valve allowing for duct-system pressure alarms and simplified balancing.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS The PM provides precise room pressure monitoring for critical spaces. Using a maintenance free room pressure sensor (RPS), the PM can accurately measure room pressure without the risk of degradation over time.


+ Compounding Pharmacies

+ Operating Rooms

+ Isolation Rooms


+ Sash position sensing, sidewall face velocity sensing or hybrid sensing control configurations

+ Audible and visual configurable alarms

+ Fast, intuitive start-up and balancing software

+ Works with Venturi Valves, Venturi FX Valves or terminal units

+ Venturi Valve pressure measurement for simplified start up and pressure monitoring

+ Presence sensor available for face velocity setback

+ BACnet MS/TP

+ User defined fume hood modes

+ Commissioning port at every CavaTM that allows for simple fume hood and room level setup


+ ANSI Z9.5 – American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation

+ BTL Certified – BACnet Testing Laboratories

+ USP 800 and USP 797 Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings

+ ASHRAE 170 – Healthcare Ventilation Standard

To find out more about the Antec Controls products we carry, contact our Antec Controls specialist Bryce Bump at (713) 494-7854.

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