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HyperSense is a trimmed version of HyperStat. It is used with a SmartNode. It is a HyperStat with just the sensing capabilities and without the control capabilities. The SmartNode, a room-level controller with little sensing capabilities, can accommodate only one sensor to sense temperature and humidity parameters.

The HyperSense comes with 8 onboard sensors from its predecessor HyperStat. It can be used with the SmartNode to provide excellent sensing capabilities, along with the control capabilities of the Smart Node. It can sense and deliver various parameter values in a room to the SmartNode, with which the SmartNode could vary the controls the algorithm can provide.


  • Provides a large screen with a touch slider and mechanical keys to change values on the SmartNode.

  • Measures indoor air quality and conveys the information to a SmartNode which

  • Works over the 4-wire cable eliminating the requirement to run multi wires from the SmartNode to the HyperSense.

  • Humidity (typical +/- 2% RH)

  • Temperature (typical +/- 0.2C)

  • CO2 sensor with a range of 0 - 40'000 ppm, accuracy of +/-30ppm ( 0-5000ppm , 25C). Drift +/- 50ppm over 400-5000ppm range over lifetime of 15 years

  • VOC sensor with derived e-CO2: Typical Accuracy - 15% of the measured value. TVOC: 0 – 60'000 ppb. CO2eq: 0 – 60'000 ppm ( not available in current production version)

  • Occupancy Sensor based on Passive Infra-Red (PIR) with a detection range of 4m with a 15-degree angle.

  • Light Sensor. High accuracy UV index sensor • Matches erythermal curve • Ambient light sensor • <100 mlx resolution

  • Sound sensor with 40-120dB response for 100 Hz to 10Khz

  • PM2.5,PM10 sensor (optional). Detection range of 0-1000ug/m3 and accuracy of +/-10ug/m3 (PM2.5, 0-100ug/m3) or +/-25ug/m3 (PM10, 0-100ug/m3)

  • 2 x 10K Type-2 thermistor inputs with 2% accuracy

  • 2 x 0-10V analog voltage inputs with 2% detection accuracy(2-10V)

  • 2.8" 240x320 pixel TFT display

  • Touch slider for temperature control along with 3 mechanical buttons

  • 4 wire RS485 interface in Regular variant with an optional 5V power line

  • 3 wire sensor bus for daisy-chained sensor communication

  • Works on 3.3V DC from the node/stat with a 1.3W maximum power consumption

To find out more about the 75F products we carry, contact our specialist at (405) 233-3114.

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