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Gram Cannabis

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Tulsa Area United Way


Gram Cannabis


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Services Provided

BAS and Mechanical

Overview of Project

Our case study this month focuses on Gram Cannabis, a local grow house for medical marijuana. The mission of Gram Cannabis is to, “create high quality, science based products…our team of growers are equipped with years of experience in agricultural science and customer service.” Creating the perfect environment for cultivating high-quality marijuana is a delicate operation that requires exact climate conditions; this is where ES2 comes in.

Working in a newly renovated building, ES2’s Tulsa branch led this Design Build project with a meticulous engineering process. Our technicians completed an entire interior build-out that required an extremely flexible workflow to meet the client’s operations schedule. Our team of experts also handled the integration and custom development of their grow room automation system. Gram Cannabis furnished our team with the install hardware, program, and diagnostic system. ES2 worked with the third-party system’s sales team and engineer on establishing the use of BACnet communications protocol, as this was the first test site for this unique integration. Our Mechanical team was brought in to help with the equipment modifications and oversaw a subcontractor providing the piping, valves, and installation of the fertilizer room.

One of the challenges our team solved was the transitory positioning of room sensors, which had to be located down in the canopy of the plants as they grow and later lifted above the canopy during the crop watering process. ES2 engineered and fabricated a lifting mechanism to allow the sensors to be hoisted during the water cycle. Another challenge was with the fertilizing and sampling process, which requires constant flow through the sample pot. This system remains non-pressured, and open to the atmosphere. Our team successfully collaborated with the grow room automation system’s out-of-country engineers and the owner’s local MEP firm HP Engineering to develop an articulating peristaltic pump panel. The obstacle was to set up the pumps close enough to the tanks to function properly, yet still have the option of elevating them high enough to remain out of the way during the cleaning process. The final solution was to build an elevating pumping station apparatus to accommodate their process.

By the end of this project, ES2 had successfully delivered a custom design build that was tailored to the specific needs of this unique environment and precise processes. When environmental conditions can mean the difference between a successful crop and a failed one, trusting your product’s environment to experienced building automation, system integration, and commercial HVAC company like ES2 is a smart investment.

Contact our knowledgeable team members to find out how we can help improve your building's environment. (405) 233-3114

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