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Employee Feature: Ryan Rehm

We would like you to meet our employee, Ryan Rehm. Ryan is an Account Executive in our Tulsa branch, and Ryan has worked at ES2 for two and a half years.

Are you originally from Oklahoma?

Yes. Broken Arrow, OK

Tell me about any certifications, degrees, or training you have?

I have a double major degree in Marketing and Management from Oklahoma State University.

Are you a member of any organizations?

I am a member of Northeast Oklahoma ASHRAE.

Tell me what your experience working for ES2 has been like?

My experience at ES2 has been a headfirst dive into the HVAC Controls industry filled with customer interactions, product training, logistics, and competitiveness.

Describe a typical day at work for you?

My typical day is spent meeting with customers on on-site visits or phone calls to understand their needs better, educating myself and others on industry trends and upcoming projects, and proposing solutions for upcoming and current projects.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I enjoy collaborating with customers and owners who ask for unique requests that require me to find creative solutions.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Golfing, thrift store hunting, and listening to Tom Petty.

Are you a sports fan?

I am a Chicago Cubs fan and attended Game 3 of the 2016 World Series with my dad, who has been a lifelong fan. A fan of the PGA Tour and attended the 2022 PGA Championship—also, a LIV Golf fan who attended the 2023 LIV Tournament at Cedar Ridge.

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